How to Choose a Vehicle Transport Services Company

How to Choose a Vehicle Transport Services Company

There is a dramatic increase in the complaints about the shipping industry especially vehicle transport services because of the unprofessional companies in the industry recently. This will show you how to avoid these unprofessional companies.

Finding a Company:

Make a list of the companies that you are interested in making business with them and visit their website.
In order to find reputable agencies and firms, use transport as a keyword in your search especially in the online forums that you can find on the collectible car owner websites. The kind of firms that you will find is the good but not the cheap one. Don’t put any of your personal information on any website to avoid having e-mails and phone calls from different companies.

• The Price:

Don’t just go to the companies that have the lowest prices for shipping as many companies tempt customers with the low prices but they are just unprofessional companies.

These unprofessional companies will ask carriers to move the vehicle for a very low price that carriers usually do not accept. That will just put your vehicle in danger of damages so choose a reputable, professional company from the beginning.


Research Well:

Research the companies that you about to make business with one of them well. Read the customer reviews about each company.

The search is not complicated; just search for the company on your favorite search engine and valuable information will appear. Repeat the same search with adding words like complaints and negative reviews. Don’t check the reviews that are on the website as they usually will tell you that the company is great. There are websites like the BBB website that has all positive and negative reviews about companies.

Call the companies on your list and ask for information. The best companies have great customer services agents. Ask friends and family members if they have made business with a vehicle transport services agency before and ask them about their experiences and the companies that they had made business with them.

Make sure that the company has enough experience in the transport industry. Experience is important to be able to solve any kind of problem that you may have such as unpredictable damages.

Also, make sure the brokers and the carriers are assigned and that they are licensed to practice the job.

• The Confirmations:

After deciding which company you are going to make business with, book your vehicle transport. You will have a confirmation by fax or by email. Read it well before signing it. Be careful that when you click send or submit when you reserve online, that means you have signed the contract.

• Preparing your vehicle:

Remove all your personal and valuable items from the vehicle and don’t fuel it to make it lighter in weight. The carriers will prefer your car as empty as possible for the fuel economy. The heavier your vehicle is, the more costs you will pay. It is also a good idea to wash the vehicle and take some pictures of it before shipping it in order to be able to identify any kind of damages that may result during the shipping.